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pg&e boiler.jpg

PG&E Headquarters in San Francisco
77 Beale Street, San Francisco

A.G.E. Consulting, Inc., as part of the project team, successfully completed a $2.5 million boiler plant replacement  project in July of 2004 for a 34-story high-rise building of approximately  800,000 sq.ft. Now the new boiler plant utilizes (10) ten state-of-the-art, high efficiency direct-vented Raypak boilers with direct digital sequence controls to allow for fast and efficient response to building heating demand.

The new boiler plant replaced a 30-year old plant, that relied on two original 14.0 MMBH Coen high-pressure steam boilers, which were modified to operate as a low-pressure steam boilers.

The new state-of -the-art boiler plant consists of hot water boilers working in conjunction with new water-to-water plate heat exchangers with primary-secondary loop pumping concept, ABB variable frequency drives to generate a variable flow in response to the building constantly changing heating load profile. By employing (10) ten 2.2 MBH high efficiency boilers, the new boiler plant not only operates efficiently throughout the heating season, but ensures that the building remains warm even in extreme weather conditions. The new boiler plant can easily support building heating demand most of the time employing  half of the new boilers.                                             


radio wall.jpg

Pandora Internet Radio, 6th Floor
2100 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA

Pandora is free personalized internet radio provider that started in 2000 by a group of musicians. It is now grown to over 70 Millions customers.

In response to a growing number of on-line radio users in United States, New Zealand and Australia, our project team of  Studio Architects (Architectural Design), A.G.E. Consulting, Inc. (MEP Design), Skyline Construction (General Contractor), AR&B (HVAC Subcontractor), A.S. Ferrari (Electrical Subcontractor) and others, once again joined forces in a successful completion of the  “Creative space”  with over 25,000 sq.ft of high tech exposed structure space. The state-of-the-art facility houses the continuously growing Pandora company offices.

Slick HVAC design with exposed oval ductwork, 24/7 supplemental HVAC for a sophisticated IDF room supporting the day-to-day operation and on-going growth, dramatic architectural lighting design and other design features .

A.G.E. Consulting staff of highly experienced professionals is proud to be a part of another project delivered successfully.



KPIX, CBS Affiliated, Channel 5
855 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA

The 1989 earthquake showed San Francisco that the local utility company could not be counted on to provide power during a disaster. For a news organization, this is unacceptable.

The 5-story 200,000 sq.ft, the facility houses multiple multi-media tenants: the radio and television studios, who must stay operational at all times. KPIX, the local CBS affiliate made sure they would not be left without a redundant power available to all their critical operations including the emergency broadcast.

The project consisted of approximately 90,000 sf including 10,000 sf digital radio station addition, FM 95.7; renovation of fourth and partially fifth floors of Channel 5 television station of approximately 50,000 sf; and 30,000 sf addition for CBS broadcasting facility on the third floor.  Mechanical design included addition of 50 ton pony chiller, conversion of existing central HVAC into variable air volume system and tenant improvement work.  Work also included a complete redesign of the existing building HVAC systems, addition of new DDC energy management systems and fire pump addition. Electrical design included addition of two 600 KW diesel generators; 225 KVA UPS system and addition of stat-of-the-art building fire/life safety system. Electrical design also included design of four basic branches of power:  1) technical, 2) UPS, 3) emergency, 4) life safety and 5) normal commercial power.

The 1989 earthquake showed San Francisco that the local utility company could not be counted on to provide power during a disaster. For a news organization, this is unacceptable.


cisco santa clara.jpg

Cisco Systems Field Sales Offices & Media Solution Group
3979 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA

Over 30,000 sq ft of high-tech offices and tele/data and equipment spaced were developed on the 7th, 8th & 9th floors of the building.

A.G.E.’s design comprised all aspects of MPE engineering associated with a state-of-the-art high tech facility including 12-rack SE Lab, Front/Back IDF, Mobile Briefing Rooms (MBR) and Solution Briefing Rooms (SBR), CTS-3000 Tele-conferencing facilities.

The new office is a mobile environment including 120 mobile workstations and offices and 10,000 sq.ft. Customers Interface area.

Our design services included, but were not limited to HVAC, plumbing, fire/sprinklers and electrical (power & lighting) design; UPS and clean power design, cable management systems for data and power distribution, as well as 24/7 stand-alone HVAC design for the equipment rooms. The HVAC design  also included a complete upgrade and modification to the existing building DCC energy management system by ALC.               

The CRE Group was hired to manage the build-out of the new Cisco field offices. The architect was HOK and the contractor was Devcon. The project was done on time


cirque du soleil top down.jpg

Cirque Du Soleil – AMALUNA, INFRANA 2014 – San Francisco.

Cirque Du Soleil is a Canadian Entertainment company based in Montreal, Quebec and has performances all over the world with shows in over 300 cities and five continents.


AGE, as part of design/build project, in conjunction with Paganini Electric, provided Permit Drawings for Temporary Power Installation for Cirque Du Soleil, Amaluna,  San Francisco show.  The site was located in San Francisco’s AT&T Park, parking lot ‘A’, which is under jurisdiction of the San Francisco Port Authority. 

The San Francisco Port Authority at the last minute required the Paganini Electric, to obtain documentation and permits for installation of temporary cabling for Cirque du Soleil’s temporary tents and trailers and other peripheral equipment.   AGE then provided the Permit Drawings for the Temporary Power Installation within a short schedule since Opening day was only weeks away and Electrical Contractor still needed time after permit submittal to install cabling for the Opening Show.

The permit documents included a Site plan with all temporary cabling routing from main power  switchboard to each trailer, panels, transformer units, HVAC units, dimming racks, tents, concession units, etc.  The documents also included voltage drop calculations and cabling sizes per NEC, with a table of voltage drops for specific temp cable types; one line diagrams indicating temporary cabling information from switchboard to equipment referenced on Amaluna San Francisco site plans; calculation sheets that utilized the Energy Audit, from a previous Cirque du Soleil Kooza show, to indicate the maximum loads on the entire switchboard(s) and also the loads to tents, trailers, transformers, etc; sheets with pertinent parts of Cirque Du Soleil Kooza Audit for reference that indicate load readings during Kooza show.

AGE provided the documentation in a timely manner and Paganini Electric was able to obtain the permit and install the cabling in time for the Opening Show.


phillips brooks school.jpg

Phillips Brooks School, La Loma Campus
Menlo Park, CA

This $12 million plus construction of the six new buildings for a private elementary school for students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, on the existing public school campus was a real challenge; especially complicated by the Department of State Architects (DSA) oversight, an enormous site construction, time constrains due to a limited window for construction with the school needs to stay open even during the summer vacation time, tough construction conditions and complicated design approach because of the project phase-out construction.

A.G.E. Consulting was not only instrumental in securing the project MPE scope approval by DSA, but assisted the project team in providing clear understanding of the required construction phasing, developed the initial conceptual site utility distribution, campus-wide fire/life safety design; and responded to the field questions.

The entire project construction was competed in less than a year despite the terrific time constraints and the enormously difficult mechanical conditions imposed on the design/construction teams.


dublin wastewater plant.jpg

Dublin San Ramon Service District
Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pleasanton, CA

As part of the project design team A.G.E. staff members were involved in a $4,5 millions renovation and expansion of a laboratory testing facility at the Dublin San Ramon Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pleasanton, California.

The 6,500 sq.ft. new laboratory constructed over the existing building by using the existing roof as an interstitial space, contained twenty four feet of custom fume hoods, twelve feet of chemical hoods and a number of a general use canopy hoods for a local heat removal. Although the new laboratory is relatively small, it is extraordinary because if its high density of  the special chemical testing functions.

The existing constant volume HVAC systems serving the offices and laboratory were replaced with new variable air volume systems, including Phoenix fume control systems for new fume and chemical hoods with state-of-the-art DDC control system.  New plumbing systems included the addition of chemically resistant drainage and vent systems, special gases such as argon, helium, acetylene, hydrogen, nitrogen vacuum, industrial compressed air systems and deionized water systems.

The new lab air conditioning is supported by a new 60 ton air-cooled chiller with back-up from the existing 20 ton gas (methane) absorption chiller.

The new laboratory lighting design incorporated indirect pendant fluorescent light fixtures, utilizing T8 lamps and electronic ballasts to further reduce energy consumption.

All of the energy conservation measures allowed the District not only to reduce its operating expenses but also to consume less resources when it generates its own power using on-site methane gases.


ericsson cafeteria.jpg

Ericsson Conferencing Center & Cafeteria
250 Holgerway, San Jose, CA

A.G.E. Consulting, Inc has recently completed MEP design for the Ericsson Conferencing Center and staff Cafeteria project. The design entailed a full plumbing design for the new staff cafeteria domestic hot water system, staff showers and public restrooms.

This outdoor packaged domestic hot water heating system unit included a dual redundant boilers skid package with 200.0 gallon horizontal hot water storage tank, dual-temperature hot water control system,  primary/secondary hydronic hot water system with variable frequency ABB drives, new electrical distribution system and Johnson Metasys DDC controls.

 The new domestic hot water system design was tailored to support a full-service kitchen, servery and back of the house plumbing systems, and the public restrooms with ability to support up to 1,400 employees  during the service hours.

The HVAC design included Type I grease exhaust systems and Type II vapor/heat exhaust systems, general exhaust, dishwasher exhaust and make-up air systems for both the staff cafeteria and the full service kitchen. The hoods design included addition of the Ansul gas fire suppression systems and fire alarm interface.

The Conferencing Center MEP design was specifically tailored to he state-of-the-art Tamberg Video Conferencing with Star cable management redundant system, redundant HVAC and power feeds. The project also included a complete addition of the state-of-the-art Johnson Controls Metasys Energy Management System for all HVAC and Plumbing-plumbing controls and supervision


yoshi jazz club.jpg

Yoshi’s Jazz Club & Restaurant at
1300 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA

Yoshi's San Francisco at Fillmore Heritage Center  Yoshi's Jazz Club & Japanese Restaurant opened its second Bay Area location in November of 2007. Located at 1300 Fillmore Street (at Eddy), the new location is 28,000 sq.ft, two-story, state-of-the-art venue featuring the best of local, national and international jazz artists with seating for 417 in the jazz club and nearly 371 in the restaurant and lounge,  making it the only place in the City with great food and world-class jazz.

The venue occupies the ground floor of the Fillmore Heritage Center, a 13-story mixed-use development, which began  a new era in the Fillmore District's history.  During the musical prime of the Fillmore District in the 1940s and 1950s, the area became known as 'Harlem of the West' because it was a swinging, eclectic, and integrated neighborhood, boasting two dozen active nightclubs and music joints within its one square mile. Developed by Em Johnson Interest, Inc., this $72 million project opened  its doors in Fall of 2007. In addition to Yoshi's the project also included a 6,000-square-foot Jazz Heritage Center, a French-Soul food restaurant, 80 residential condominiums, and public & private parking facility.

A.G.E. Consulting, Inc Electrical Department’s collaboration with McMillan Electric, the project design-build electrical contractor, and other professional project team members led to a successful construction of the  Jazz Club and Japanese Restaurant part of this ambitious project. Together we completed the design and construction of the full service restaurant kitchen, Jazz club infrastructure for the state-of-the-art audio/visual and sound systems, power design, general and specialty dimming lighting for the stage at the performing center, as well as the outdoor signs.

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